Rape one. It´s free!

Nightmares, depression, mutilations, suicides, murders –
these are consequences of single or mass rapes, as they have recently taken place in India. What is our society doing to protect girls and women, to prosecute the perpetrators, in India as well as in other continents, and also here in Austria?
According to a parliamentary question to the Austrian Ministry of Justice, 7332 sexual offences were committed only in the year 2012 and the number of unreported cases might be a lot higher.
On Tuesday afternoon, 10 June 2014, the artist donhofer. created a path of male lust, inviting people to experience how women are literally trampled upon in India and the rest of the world. The Viennese action artist and painter, who only very recently attracted public attention through his actions concerning the Burgtheater scandal, wanted passers-by to comprehend the “macho-concept of men who degrade women to objects” (Hans Joachim Schneider, criminologist and former expert on women’s rights for the UN). He placarded the pavement leading from the Embassy of India on Kärntner Ring to the Parliament building with 500 original prints showing a woman in a rape pose. The passers-by were left to choose if they preferred to actually walk upon the women in the prints, to voyeuristically watch the “procedure” or to simply cross the street.

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