Fotocredit: Maria Krasa
A pornographic exhibition

Giorgione did it. Titian and Manet did it. And now donhofer. has done it!
Giorgione painted "Sleeping Venus", Titian "Venus of Urbino" and Manet started a scandal with "Olympia". In Manet's painting the model looks right into the eyes of the beholder – meaning the viewer becomes a voyeur.
donhofer. also plays with the terms of voyeurism in his exhibition "Olympia Gold". The painting, done with "Edding" on acryl glass, is divided into four parts, covered with a solid steel frame which looks like a window. The beholder looks through it.
At the opening donhofer's. painting was covered with red cloth. The artist performed a two hour lasting freeze, where the audience was able to observe him. Then he uncovered "Olympia Gold." and a young girl in only her underwear entered the room. After total darkness in the exhibition hall, the painting began to glow itself.

Fotocredit: Michael Liebert
OLYMPIA GOLD, Acryl Glass, Ultraslim LED panel,179 cm x 134 cm, 2012

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